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Weishaupt Communications Module

Weishaupt Communications Module

The W‐FM COM communications module enables remote access to operational data and parameters on burners with a W‐FM 50, W‐FM 54, W‐FM 100 or W‐FM 200 combustion manager.


One or more burners are connected via Modbus to the W‐FM COM communications module, which is connected to the internet using a mobile phone SIM card (GSM/GPRS) or an Ethernet/LAN connection.

Remote access to the W‐FM COM

is by means of a fixed IP address supplied by an ISP or through a web portal. Remote monitoring and adjustment: Firing rate, boiler temperature, O2 value, setpoints, operational status, error history, etc. can be read and adjusted remotely.

Documenting of system data

The W‐FM COM facilitates the periodic recording of control values. These recorded values can be called up via email. Furthermore, if limit values are under/overshot, or if an error occurs, this can also be reported by email.


The unit is equipped with one digital input and one digital output. Further inputs and outputs can be provided through the use of additional modules.


Various language settings make the W‐FM COM suitable for use across the world.


Access to the W‐FM COM is password protected. It is possible to set up different user access levels to further increase security.


The web-based software faciltates remote access from a wide range of different hadware and operating systems – tablet, smartphone, PC / iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.

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