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Weishaupt Communications Module

The W‐FM COM communications module enables remote access to operational data and parameters on burners with a W‐FM 50, W‐FM 54, W‐FM 100 or W‐FM 200 combustion manager.

Networking: One or more burners are connected via Modbus to the W‐FM COM communications module, which is connected to the internet using a mobile phone SIM card (GSM/GPRS) or an Ethernet/LAN connection.

Remote access to the W‐FM COM is by means of a fixed IP address supplied by an ISP or through a web portal. Remote monitoring and adjustment: Firing rate, boiler temperature, O2 value, setpoints, operational status, error history, etc. can be read and adjusted remotely.

Documenting of system data: The W‐FM COM facilitates the periodic recording of control values. These recorded values can be called up via email. Furthermore, if limit values are under/overshot, or if an error occurs, this can also be reported by email.

Multifunctional: The unit is equipped with one digital input and one digital output. Further inputs and outputs can be provided through the use of additional modules.

Multilingual: Various language settings make the W‐FM COM suitable for use across the world.

Secure: Access to the W‐FM COM is password protected. It is possible to set up different user access levels to further increase security.

Platform-neutral: The web-based software faciltates remote access from a wide range of different hadware and operating systems – tablet, smartphone, PC / iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.

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